Residential Sandblasting

From surface preparation to cleaning to decorative finishes, attention to detail and high quality workmanship guarantees the success of your residential sandblasting project.

Most commonly, sandblasting is used to prepare the exterior walls of the home for re-stucco or re-painting.

Additionally, sandblasting is used to clean surfaces, such as oil stains or paint on concrete and wood. When removing paint from brick or removing paint from wood the surface becomes profiled creating a decorative and rustic appearance.  Sandblasting wood in particular reveals the grain in the wood and is often enhanced by abrasive blasting.

Architectural sandblasting often refers to sandblasting driveways, sidewalks and pool decks and is done to expose the aggregate in the concrete.  Sandblasting to an architectural or decorative finish will help you achieve the custom look for your home improvement project.

Historic properties take special care and consideration.  Use of alternative abrasive blasting medium such as walnut shells or dry ice / CO2 cleans while still preserving the surfaces.

As a professional sandblasting company we are licensed by the state of California, fully insured and bonded.

The Tides Sandblasted Exterior Wood Trim to Expose Grain

The Tides Sandblasted Interior Wood Beams to Expose Grain